Performance Eating

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I love cycling – thanks to a dear friend that’s introduced me to the sport, road cycling is one of the most freeing experiences I have for exercise! In the spirit of getting in the best shape of my life (especially for a special event this year in October), I called up my friend to do a long road ride today.

60km in with ~1km elevation climb …I am exhausted and ravenous! The light breakfast and theĀ granola bar (we stopped at 40km to eat) just wasn’t enough fuel to keep me going. At the 70km mark I was literally falling over from exhaustion and I had to just stop or injure myself.

LESSON LEARNED – proper nutrition is key, the core of your daily “performance” whether that be living your daily life through work, or doing an endurance sport. Eating with nutrition in mind is something that’s not taken into consideration every day, and it becomes really apparent when you get pretty active like this how important it is all around. Looking forward to digging in on research for eating right!


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