The power of goal setting

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Life always just happens – there’s always a ton on the go! With everything going on from socials, wedding planning, OT at work… life is really full of great distractions that creep up at every turn.

I read an interesting article from the Harvard Business Review recently which really brought to significance how important it is to continuously assess that you’re moving towards your purpose / vision, and keep focused on what is important to you especially as you become more successful. This helps you stay focused to your fulfilling what you would like to in life, and eliminate actions that aren’t essential to your vision.


See full article here:

Goal Setting

Life hasn’t been really “working” the last few years for me, and it shows up with disappointments of not being committed to something I want (e.g. looking amazing for my wedding, etc.) and I realized it’s because I’ve stopped the use of effective goal setting and execution over that same time period.

So I spent some time today breaking down the  goal setting process, how I’ve done it in the past and what I think is really needed to make it work. It includes these attributes:

  1. Defining my vision: what would I be if I were to achieve my vision? What does it actually look like?
  2. Keeping motivated: what mediums works for me to keep me inspired and remind yourself of my vision?
  3. Making goals SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely).
  4. Telling everyone (family, friends, work, etc.) what you’re trying to do and how important it is to you. This is important as it helps you and your network draw boundaries with the distractions that come up between others.
  5. Celebrating milestones (and getting more inspired): stepping back and seeing all of the good work you’ve done, and patting yourself on the back
  6. Keeping motivated with like-goaled individuals: getting a friend / joining a community that is trying to do what you’re doing and celebrating achievements together

One of the goals I’ve set for my life is the broad goal of being an inspiration for “everyday wellbeing” and looking amazing for my wedding in 5 months – but what does that really look like? How will I achieve it?

  1. If I were well everyday, I would feel rested, be full of energy by eating nutritiously and exercising regularly, and play / see friends / do a hobby I really enjoy. My “looking amazing” for the wedding  includes being in the best shape of my life.
  2. I recently created a vision board as a collage of photos, quotations which I’ve turned into my computer background to keep me inspired daily using
  3. I define wellness through the four segments: 1. Resting: I’ll sleep between 7-8 hours every day, 2. Fitness: I’ll start training for a half marathon in August and Gran Fondo in September, and set weekly training plans 3. Nutrition:  I’ll eat as clean as possible, cutting out processed food, home cooking with weekly meal plans including one cheat day. Alcohol will be limited to one drink / week. 4. Play: I’ll “decompress” every day for a half hour through meditation, and socialize with friends through exercise or something active whenever possible. Embedded in my wellbeing goal is steps to look my best on wedding day through fitness and great nutrition!
  4. This is a big reason why I’ve started a blog 🙂
  5. I’ll do a celebration after my half marathon and Gran Fondo from Vancouver to Whistler!
  6. I have a list of friends already that would be on board with me to inspire one another.

I’ll try things out between now and the next 5 months to this set of short term goals – and re-create more seeing the success from these!


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