Adopting daily practices for the better

I’ve been to an interesting set of conferences including the GROW conference, as well as the Brain Conference these past couple of weeks which inspired and changed my views. Firstly, I’ve realized if you want anything you have to be willing to figure out what you must do to get to where you want to go and make it a daily, weekly practice to work towards it. Sounds simple, but it isn’t. There are traps. Previously, I thought that being employed at a company they would take care of my learning trajectory, career objectives, etc. There was this path in management consulting, so well laid out and the job got so demanding I didn’t make time outside of it to continue thinking about, and working towards my life goals. 
So what are some practices to incorporate into my life that would be beneficial to a positive change in re-wiring my brain and develop a solid foundation to tackling any new challenge?
  1. Begin a daily practice of gratitude. Ask yourself “What am I grateful for today?” and list a few things
  2. Identify small things you could do that takes a few minutes or less that bring you joy, and begin a daily practice of doing them throughout the day (e.g. buy someone a coffee, ask someone how their day went, go out for a 5 minute walk in the sun, etc.)
  3. Invest in yourself. What are some skills you would like to acquire? Take a painting class, go to improv, etc. 

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