Small tips to eat healthy this Christmas season

Nutrition & Well-being

Here are a few tips on ways to eat healthy while participating in this season’s festivities, while not compromising on the tasty treats and get-togethers the holiday offers.

1. Moderation, moderation, moderation

Moderate the chocolate, biscuits, chocolate covered biscuits and so forth during the holiday parties. There’s no need to have 5+ treats. When going to a holiday party, choose a few items of top interest from the assortment as your “top priorities” instead of gulping one of each appetizer and dessert.

2. Go to parties in a non-starving state

A way to help moderation is to head to your holiday party having eaten something small and healthy just prior so you’re not ravenously feasting a meal’s worth on unhealthy options at the venue.

3. Mind your liquor

There are considerable calories in drinks, usually 200-300 per drink whether it is cocktails or mulled wine. Not saying don’t drink at all, but what about spacing out the drinks and going for a couple instead of a few?

4. Drink more water

Not only will you be more hydrated and less groggy the next morning, but you will also be fuller – and as a result snack less. Try spacing out your alcohol and appetizers or desserts with a glass of water in between rounds.

5. Go for the healthy options

At my holiday parties, I tend to put out a plate of veggies, and even my baking will be mindfully made with reduced fat and sugar content. See if any of those options are available and choose to eat those first.


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