Keeping to Resolutions?

Life, Nutrition & Well-being


It’s the first official week of work back. Are we back in the swing of the busy life, between work, seeing family, friends, hobbies and the like?

Did you have it in your New Year’s resolution to keep to a healthy lifestyle this year? Eat better, smarter, and exercise? When in a go-go-go lifestyle, it is tough to make time for the gym, or make your own meals. But it is more than doable with effort and adjustment of your mindset that your well-being comes first above all else. After all, fundamentally, YOU are at the center of all of your activities and therefore your own well-being should be the priority. If you get sick from years of bad eating, lack of exercise, lack of seeing family and friends … why indeed are you working so hard for?

Here are a few easy tips to kick-start your health journey this year.

1. Take 5 minutes to start off your mornings with a practice of gratitude, and what you look forward to in your day. Think about the intention behind your day, put yourself in the positive mindset for what’s to come!

2. Cook more for yourself, and batch cook in large quantities for the entire meals for your week. This includes pre-chopping vegetables for salads, etc. Choose one day of the week (Sundays are a good one) and devote a few hours to cooking to save time (and money) during the week.

Breakfast: Make a breakfast frittata or healthy muffins in muffin trays, and freeze them.
Lunches: Hearty stews like lentil soup or chill are great. Freeze them in individual containers.
Snacks: Granola bars, sliced fruit or veggies with hummus are all easily “individually packed” and ready to go.
Dinner: You’ll likely have time to make fresh dinners when home, but you could make another soup or have ready made ingredients for fajitas with pre-cut veggies to make it very quickly when home.

3. Once a week, make a workout schedule for the upcoming week and stick to it. At minimum, try to go at minimum 2-3 times per week with a mix of cardio and weight training. There are some great high intensity interval training (HIIT) you could do that combines both cardio and strength training in one.

4. Set aside time once a week where you explore a hobby, or something you like to do for fun. This is just for you to explore, as a healthy way of self-expression and play.

There are many other things you could do, but the above list is a great starter that provides a good foundation for other things you want to take on.

Have yourselves a healthy week!


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