What should I eat?

Lifestyle, Nutrition & Well-being

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People often come to me asking “What should I eat?”. The truth is, there’s no one answer for everyone.

What you should eat depends on very individual specific traits, including:

  • Activity level (sedentary, active, elite athlete)
  • Body type (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph)
  • Height & weight
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Goals (lose / gain weight and desired body composition)
  • Lifestyle (can cook or really too busy to)
  • Food intolerance(s) or allergy
  • Your activity level, body type, height and weight, gender and age form the basis of your metabolism and your goals, lifestyle, and food intolerances determine how you should design a diet that works for you.

Seems daunting to consider this all, right?

What I want you to realize here, is not how much to consider, but that every person’s body is completely unique, and so is your lifestyle. Whatever your goals are, they will be manageable if you make small changes that work for you – without detailed calorie counting.

In fact, as a trainer, fitness instructor and amateur fit model I’ve experimented for over 10 years with diets including calorie counting – and found it’s generally unproductive and annoying! Steady progress, and building an ability to listen to your body, how you respond to certain foods while following some key guidelines to change your eating patterns will do you more good in the longer term.

How do you get started? Click here for some simple tips to healthy eating habits to take on this week.


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