March Challenge: Meatless March

Lifestyle, Nutrition & Well-being


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As many of you know, I’m a pescetarian (eat no meat / land animal, but all seafood is OK) that also avoids dairy (amongst other foods I know I have intolerances to). Changing how you eat comes slowly, as you get to know your body’s responses to foods, exercise, and how it changes in different environments. I stopped eating red meat in particular, because I noticed difficulty in digesting it, but still eat fish as I didn’t have much trouble with it.

As part of the journey to being a holistic health coach and my holistic nutrition program though, I am making myself open to experimenting more with what works for my body also in terms of things like energy levels. This *may* mean I venture back into eating certain types of meat I crave, but firstly, I would like to try a full vegan diet for one month and see how I fare.

I’ll be posting my transition to eating a meatless (and actually vegan) diet, from recipes to applying knowledge from my nutrition program. 

I would like to open the challenge to all of you this month to make it a “Meatless March”. Try out even one week of cutting out meat in your diet, and in the process also listen to your body’s cravings, energy levels, feelings and responses to eating food. Are you with me? I’d love to hear about your thoughts and how you do throughout this month too! 


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