Meatless March Recap

Lifestyle, Nutrition & Well-being

So it’s the end of Meatless March… how did you fare?

Actually I really tried my best to be good – but found that old habits really die hard. My husband was cooking dinner, and immediately added the usual fish stock broth to our soup. I tasted it and knew immediately but what could be done that point? I ended up eating that delicious and well-made dinner – and didn’t give myself a hard time about it.

Let’s face it. We can’t be “perfect, always following ridiculously high standards for ourselves and getting down on ourselves when it doesn’t work out exactly to plan. Isn’t life bigger than that? Sometimes there are unexpected changes, and you have to adjust to them. Remember, that is OK, you’ve done your best with what you have, in that given moment. Think about the overall progress you make and don’t discount all you’ve done!

So overall, my Meatless March ended up being 28 out of 31 days being meat (including fish) free! I’d say overall it is pretty good. Plus, I also cut out dairy and other general animal products such as honey during this time too. I’ve also learned another important intuition about myself from this process. I’m a very active person, and for my body, a bit of fish here and there feels very nourishing and good for me – and felt at times really depleted when I didn’t have heavier meals.

If you were able to join this challenge with me – think about the takeaways. What kind of a lifestyle do you lead? Are you very active? Or do you spend most days cycling in to work, or light walking, etc? Try to listen to your body more, and “hear” what it’s asking you for. Some days, you might feel a bit off eating meat and other days you feel like you really need it. Honour your body and what it’s asking for, likely you’ll feel better for it.


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